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Round vase, Silk

2014 - Though no longer blowing glass, Craig & Anny Zweifel will be participating in the 21st Annual Scent Bottle Invitational at the Kittrell/Riffkind Glass Gallery in Dallas,Texas, February 1st - March 1st. This event features perfume bottles by American glass artists, including six classic Zweifel bottles. For more information: 


After 44 years creating beautiful glass, Craig Zweifel has finally turned off the furnaces for the last time. The Zweifels attended their last Fine Art and Craft Shows in 2012. However, there will still be work in a few galleries on a very limited basis this year, as the last of the work in the studio is released for sale. When that is gone, no more new glass using Zweifel's signature technique will be available - the end of an era!


Since building his first hot glass studio in 1969, Craig Zweifel created a unique style of glasswork that has been exhibited and collected both nationally and abroad. Every piece of Zweifel Art Glass is hand blown by Craig Zweifel, and is distinctive in its design and iridescence.

Zweifel Art Glass has been featured in many fine galleries across the United States, and has been shown at art museums, including the Chicago Art Institute, the Boise Art museum, the Corning Glass Museum, the Minnesota Museum of Art, and the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian.

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